[ Cf. ] Conceptual Fade 

F. A. Q.

I.   The entrance to Conceptual Fade is located near the intersection of Worth Street + Kinsey Street at Studio B102. Please arrive at the silver doors and you will be let into the space for your viewing/study session.                

II. Viewing sessions are by appointment only via Calendly or email - tnm@conceptualfade.com

Absolutely No Walkups are allowed.

III. You must fill out this Covid Release Waiver before your arrival to confirm your appointment. You will not be allowed to enter the space without completing this form.

IV. The available 90 min timeslots are first come first serve. No more than (3) two people registered under one appointment are allowed in the space per session. Appts start at the top of the hour and end 90 mins after the start time. (i.e 11am - 12:30pm, 12pm - 1:30pm) You will be sent an email to confirm your appt afterward.

V. You must show your vaccination card + your temperature will be taken at the door + you must wear your face mask to enter the space. Once you are in you will be free to remove your mask. You must complete the Covid – 19 Release Waiver Form provided via email before your appointment is fully confirmed. Please do not visit the space if you are feeling ill. You will also be provided a sanitizing wipe upon arrival for your hands to prep for the handling of any books during your session.

VI. [ Cf. ] does NOT accept artwork solicitations or submissions via mail or email.

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