About CF.

Conceptual Fade is a project centering  Black art and conceptual practice across the Diaspora.

Conceptual Fade is a 135 square foot gallery that will host micro-exhibitions and a library for limited audiences.

Conceptual Fade exhibitions will feature (1) one single work by an artist, supported by up to (7) seven reference and process-based materials related to the conceptual development of that work.

Conceptual Fade takes inspiration from the Philadelphia-based Pyramid Club, founded in 1937, an all-Black-led and operated organization and private social club located in North Philadelphia. The Pyramid Club held an annual art exhibition in its salon space, with the goal of connecting featured Black artists to local Black patrons and community.

Conceptual Fade is also a nod to Japanese micro jazz bars, which have influenced my approach to curation since my first visit to Tokyo in 2017. These small bars with capacities of  three to ten people, offer highly curated and intimate experiences organized around a particular cultural interest.  I found these spaces challenged my thinking about scale and impact. At only 135 square feet, the capacity for Conceptual Fade is (5) five people (2 max with Covid-19 restrictions).

Conceptual Fade will feature work from a range of intergenerational Black artists and thinkers working across a variety of forms—writers, musicians, poets, visual artists, designers, and more. The goal is to allow a deeper understanding of Black thought and conceptual practice related to a range of art forms.

Conceptual Fade is initially a three-year commitment. After three years of exhibitions, I will pause to review, assess, and decide how to execute the project moving forward.

Conceptual Fade will also house and make accessible my personal library for public research, including a curated selection of Black artists’ monographs, exhibition catalogs, fiction, and non-fiction publications. This library is made available to encourage research for curatorial and writing practice to local artists and writers.

The gallery will open to the public in February 2021 with limited capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions.

xTiona Nekkia McClodden

Founder + Director

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Conceptual Fade is by appointment only and is wheel chair accessible and located on the first floor.

Visiting Hours are Saturday - Sunday 12pm  - 4pm. Viewing + Study Sessions are 50 mins each starting at the top of each hour. 

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***Please contact Tiona at tnm@conceptualfade.com for scheduling hours for Seniors 65+. Accomodations will be made based on availability. 


For all inquiries please contact tnm@conceptualfade.com 

Conceptual Fade, 4500 Worth Street, Studio B102, Philadelphia, PA 19124

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